How to extract EXIF meta data from Photographs automatically in SharePoint 2010

These days most people use their mobile phones to take pictures rather than a standalone camera (although a lot of standalone cameras also store data against the photograph).

Because of the many features mobile phones have the pictures usually have a lot of information saved to them, such as GPS location, Date and Time the picture was taken, the position of the camera etc. This is all saved against the picture in a standard called EXIF.

What most people do not know is that SharePoint image libraries are equipped out of the box to be able to extract this EXIF data and display it as Meta data against the picture.What’s more it is really really easy to do this.

In fact all you have to do is create a new column in the image library with one of the following names; (the names are self-explanatory, not all phones/cameras save all of the header details)

  • wic_System_Copyright
  • wic_System_Rating
  • wic_System_ApplicationName
  • wic_System_DateAcquired
  • wic_System_SimpleRating
  • wic_System_GPS_Altitude
  • wic_System_GPS_AltitudeRef
  • wic_System_GPS_AreaInformation
  • wic_System_GPS_Date
  • wic_System_GPS_DestBearing
  • wic_System_GPS_DestBearingRef
  • wic_System_GPS_DestDistance
  • wic_System_GPS_DestDistanceRef
  • wic_System_GPS_DestLatitude
  • wic_System_GPS_DestLatitudeRef
  • wic_System_GPS_DestLongitude
  • wic_System_GPS_DestLongitudeRef
  • wic_System_GPS_Differential
  • wic_System_GPS_DOP
  • wic_System_GPS_ImgDirection
  • wic_System_GPS_ImgDirectionRef
  • wic_System_GPS_Latitude
  • wic_System_GPS_LatitudeRef
  • wic_System_GPS_Longitude
  • wic_System_GPS_MapDatum
  • wic_System_GPS_MeasureMode
  • wic_System_GPS_ProcessingMethod
  • wic_System_GPS_Satellites
  • wic_System_GPS_Speed
  • wic_System_GPS_SpeedRef
  • wic_System_GPS_Status
  • wic_System_GPS_Track
  • wic_System_GPS_TrackRef
  • wic_System_GPS_VersionID
  • wic_System_Image_ColorSpace
  • wic_System_Image_CompressedBitsPerPixel
  • wic_System_Image_Compression
  • wic_System_Image_HorizontalResolution
  • wic_System_Image_ImageID
  • wic_System_Image_ResolutionUnit
  • wic_System_Image_VerticalResolution
  • wic_System_Photo_Aperture
  • wic_System_Photo_Brightness
  • wic_System_Photo_CameraManufacturer
  • wic_System_Photo_CameraModel
  • wic_System_Photo_CameraSerialNumber
  • wic_System_Photo_Contrast
  • wic_System_Photo_DigitalZoom
  • wic_System_Photo_EXIFVersion
  • wic_System_Photo_ExposureBias
  • wic_System_Photo_ExposureTime
  • wic_System_Photo_Flash
  • wic_System_Photo_FlashEnergy
  • wic_System_Photo_FlashManufacturer
  • wic_System_Photo_FlashModel
  • wic_System_Photo_FNumber
  • wic_System_Photo_FocalLength
  • wic_System_Photo_FocalLengthInFilm
  • wic_System_Photo_ISOSpeed
  • wic_System_Photo_LensManufacturer
  • wic_System_Photo_LensModel
  • wic_System_Photo_LightSource
  • wic_System_Photo_MaxAperture
  • wic_System_Photo_MeteringMode
  • wic_System_Photo_Orientation
  • wic_System_Photo_PhotometricInterpretation
  • wic_System_Photo_ProgramMode
  • wic_System_Photo_RelatedSoundFile
  • wic_System_Photo_Saturation
  • wic_System_Photo_Sharpness
  • wic_System_Photo_ShutterSpeed
  • wic_System_Photo_SubjectDistance
  • wic_System_Photo_TranscodedForSync
  • wic_System_Photo_WhiteBalance

5 thoughts on “How to extract EXIF meta data from Photographs automatically in SharePoint 2010

  1. mark says:

    Using this I get a Lat/Long as “wic_System_GPS_Latitude 27 / 1;1886 / 100;0 / 1 ” . How do I decode the format in a SharePoint column?

  2. Ian Morrish says:

    See my blog post on using calculated columns to convert DMS to Decimal latitude and longitude.

    • beanyjon says:

      Thanks Ian, unfortunately your method will only work with Bing maps in SharePoint 2013 which is relatively OOTB in 2013. A colleague of mine has written several calculated fields to do this in 2010 and some JavaScript to display in page with google maps. if I can get his approval I will post his method on here.

  3. atljarman says:

    beanyjon, are you able to share the approach for SharePoint 2010? Is it posted elsewhere on the web?

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