Hello world!

Welcome to my SharePoint based blog, i hope to blog all of the day to day Admin/Development challenges i come across as a SharePoint specialist in the hope that my posts save others the sometimes lengthy researching time it takes to over come some SharePoint issues.

I have been a SharePoint specialist for the last 3 years, before specialising in Sharepoint i was a  IT Server specialist and before that general IT hardware maintenance and repair. I like to think that coming from a hardware background gives me a unique approach in software devlopment.

I try to create SharePoint solutions with the development tools where possible and then using C# in Visual Studio where the development tools are not enough.

My favourite everyday SharePoint development tool is InfoPath, i find it incredibly easy to use and it can create some really powerful solutions, as such it is usually my first port of call when i start a new solution.

I hope you enjoy and find my posts useful.